Buying a Park Home

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Introduction to Park Home Purchase:

Site Rent: This varies from site to site but the average is approximately £120.00 to £220.00 per month.

Council Tax: Usually Band A/B. This again varies from local authority, say £100.00 per month, approximately.

Water Rates are sometimes included in the site rent but may be approximately £5.00 per week.

Other costs such as heat, lighting and insurance also have to be allowed for.

Solicitors are not usually involved in the buying and selling of Park Homes as the purchaser is either given a new 1983 Mobile Home Act agreement or is transferred to the existing agreement of the home owner.

In our experience it has not proved possible to obtain a high street bank/building society mortgage, so most purchasers will need to have cash funds available.

On any future resale Park Home site owners are permitted to charge up to 10% of the sale price and it is most unusual for this provision to be waived or reduced.

If you are buying either a previously occupied home, then we can assist in finding the right home on the right park.

If you have a particular new home already in mind, irrespective of make or model, we deal with all of the Leading Park Home Manufacturers and are able assist in finding a suitable plot on a Residential Park.

We will deal with all negotiations with the vendors, and once a sale has been agreed, we will assist you and your vendor with completing the Schedules as required by the Mobile Homes (Selling & Gifting) (England) Regulations 2013.

If you require any further information then contact Kevin Newton on (01865) 841122.